Care Quality Commission - CQC Made Easy (Questions for Registered Managers)

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CQC Made Easy - Questions for Registered Managers

Managers who have applied for registration will receive a phone call from the CQC prior to them registering you. In this document is a selection of questions that the interviewer may ask you.

Please note that these questions are for guidance only. The questions may not necessarily be in this order at interview.


Q. Define your job role within the practice?

Q. How long have you worked at the practice and how many days a week do you work there?

Q. What do you understand your main responsibilities to be as a registered manager?

Q. What do you understand to be your legal responsibility as a registered manager?

Q. How do you involve service users in changes to your practice?

Q. Explain your decontamination processes.

Q. What input would you have when recruiting another Dentist?

Q. How does the practice ensure that it recruits suitable and qualified staff for the job?

Q. How do you ensure that your staff remains competent for their role?

Q. Have you seen the practice’s statement of purpose?

Q. What notifications do you have to send to the CQC and when?

Q. Where would you look up the CQC requirements?


There is a full index of policies, protocols and procedures relevant to the 24 KLOEs in the members' section - Protocols Library - GO. There is a spreadsheet for monitoring compliance and organising evidence in the members section - Toolkits - GO. If you are not a Member, have a look at the information about the benefits of membership and how to subscribe - GO.